The Better Way to Stay Healthy: How Probiotics Can Transform Your Vaginal Health


Welcome, ladies, to a blog post dedicated to enhancing your overall health and longevity. Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of probiotics and their incredible benefits for treating and preventing recurring bacterial vaginosis (BV). So, grab a cup of tea, get comfortable, and let’s explore the power of probiotics!

1) How can probiotics help treat or prevent recurring BV?

Maintain a Resilient Vaginal Microbiome:

Vaginal probiotic suppositories act as a direct source of lactobacilli, which play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and resilient vaginal microbiome. These little superheroes help combat the daily challenges our intimate parts face, such as showering, bathing, and intercourse. By reintroducing healthy lactobacilli, especially in women struggling with dysbacteriosis, we can make a significant difference in re-establishing a healthy vaginal microbiome.

2) What should our readers look for when choosing a probiotic for BV?

Bio-Matched Lactobacilli:

When selecting a probiotic for BV, it’s vital to choose one that is specifically bio-matched to the vaginal strains of lactobacilli. Many probiotics on the market contain lactobacilli strains that are not typically found in the vagina, like the ones found in yogurt. Although these strains may be beneficial for gastrointestinal health, there is no evidence to support their effectiveness in the vaginal microbiome. Additionally, oral probiotics often fail to survive the journey through the gut and reach the vagina. Hence, the novel approach of vaginal application is highly recommended. The superhero among the lactobacilli family for the vagina is Lactobacilli Crispatus, proven to prevent recurrence of BV in clinical trials.

3) Are there any precautions they should consider before taking a probiotic?

Safety First:

Probiotics are generally safe for use as both oral supplements and vaginal suppositories. However, it’s essential to pay attention to whether you have purchased a probiotic for vaginal or oral use. While the packaging may look similar, supplements with enteric coating are designed to dissolve in the digestive tract and may cause vaginal irritation if used incorrectly. Therefore, be cautious and ensure you are using the right product for the intended purpose.

And then again, make sure the product contains bacteria native to the area you would like to treat.

4) Location Matters 

To maximize the benefits of probiotics, it’s crucial to choose a product that contains bacteria native to the area you wish to treat. Whether it’s for digestive system health or specifically targeting the vaginal microbiome, selecting the right strains is essential for optimal results.

5) Can you recommend any brands, and why you like those brands?

My Favorite: Biophresh by Good Clean Love

When it comes to probiotic vaginal suppositories, one brand stands out in my opinion: Biophresh by Good Clean Love. Here’s why I love it:

a. Vaginal Application: Biophresh is applied directly to the area to be treated, ensuring targeted effectiveness.

b. Bio-Matched Lactobacilli: This product contains a mix of bio-matched lactobacilli, including Lactobacilli Crispatus, known for their beneficial effects on the vaginal microbiome.

c. Mild Acidifier: Biophresh incorporates ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in a gentle 150mg dose to help balance the pH levels. Vaginal Vitamin C has been used effectively in resource-poor settings for BV treatment and prevention. Other brands may contain high amounts of boric acid, which can provide short-term symptom relief but may shock the vaginal microbiome and cause irritation. Additionally, boric acid can be toxic if ingested during oral intercourse.

In Conclusion:

Probiotics offer a powerful solution for treating and preventing recurring BV, promoting a healthier vaginal microbiome. Remember to choose bio-matched lactobacilli strains and consider the location-specific bacteria. Biophresh by Good Clean Love is an excellent choice, with its vaginal application, bio-matched lactobacilli, and gentle acidifier. Take control of your vaginal health and embrace the wonders of probiotics!

Remember, the better way to stay healthy is to learn what to eat. So, prioritize your well-being, embrace probiotics, and make informed choices for your body’s needs. Stay tuned for more empowering content that will help you thrive as a strong, healthy woman!

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