Dear Patient,

If you are living in the Baltimore/Washington DC area, you can also see me in person. I have decided to start seeing patient again under my own service line focusing on Menopause, Functional Medicine and Vulvovaginal Disease. Starting late spring 2023, I will be again in the office suite of WomensHealthofMaryland, in the Crain Towers in Glen Burnie, MD.

It will be very limited hours initially, and hopefully I can expand that, as I will be expanding my services. My clinic will be a specialty clinic for midlife woman and their concerns, focusing on menopause, Hormone replacement therapy, Functional Medicine, and Vulvovaginal disease. While my main focus will be somewhat on the midlife women, I do see woman of all ages, particularly for vulvovaginal disease. But you are also at the right place if you have hormonal or period concerns. Particularly if you are interested in addressing your symptoms with nutrition and lifestyle changes. And lastly, my practice is open to all genders and anyone who is interested in functional medicine support to their health concerns.

I will have a regularly updated website regarding location and hours, so please stay posted.

Unfortunately, I will not be participating in any insurance plans, but you can submit my fees to your insurance for reimbursement. However, I will be able to prescribe medications and FDA approved Hormone replacement therapy, so you won’t have to pay extra for that, if your insurance is covering these.


First time consultation:

I will have 60 min reserved for you, where I will learn about your health goals and concerns, and I can outline for you helpful lifestyle changes, possible medication therapy like hormones or supplements, and I can suggest lab work and functional medicine tests, if appropriate for your situation. Most of these will come at an extra cost. But some of them are entirely or partially covered by insurance.

60 mins / $375

Follow-up consultations:

Here I will further discuss the implemented lifestyle changes, refill medications, provide written information about topics of concern, discuss wearable health devices [continuous blood glucose monitoring, Oura-ring, etc.], and discus anything else you would like to talk to me about. These sessions will be about 30 min long.

30 mins / $250

Test result review sessions:

If you opt for one of the extensive functional medicine health tests, you will have to book one of these sessions for discussion of the results. I usually need some time to look at the results beforehand, for interpretation and creation of a treatment plan.